Complete Heating System or Heat-Source-Only Installation

Whether a full new installation or simply a replacement boiler, extensive knowledge of the “Big Picture” is required in order to own an energy efficient system. JFES can offer best advice on Pro’s & Con’s of various boiler makes and models systems and the types of heating system your boiler will power up.

We can advise on reliability, efficiency and optimise systems to bring the best output for the least fuel input, saving you money and the output to the environment being the main goals.

With a free survey and quotation we will be able provide you with the ultimate, efficient system for your budget.

To sleep well at night JFES will also advise on standard and extended warranties so you will know that IF a breakdown occurs in the warranty period it will not cost an arm and a leg (in most cases free of charge) e.g being accredited to Worcester Bosch we can offer extended warranty of 8-10 years.

Traditional Systems

Boiler and Radiator systems are the “norm” in most properties and will work fine. However, the attention to detail in design and installation is imperative to produce an efficient system. Controlling the output/input is essential as will be fine-tuned with all JFES systems

Under-Floor Heating Systems (UFH)

Many people like having no radiators visible which is inherent in UFH systems. Use of rooms is not hindered by having to keep clear of a radiator. That is aesthetic properties but UFH has a much more defined purpose. It removes Hot/Cold Spots in areas of the house when carefully designed. UFH is loved by its owners and pets alike. UFH requires low temperature water to heat it and can therefore work very well in conjunction with Heat Pumps, Solar Power, along with traditional Boiler heat source. UFH systems are efficient and often second to none for larger properties. The UFH system can be installed in new-build or retro-fitted to solid and/or timber floors.

Renewable Energy Systems

With Government and EU regulations coming into force after 6th April 2018, it makes sense to both protect the amount of money you spend heating your home. Renewable energy systems, generally coupled to UFH systems can help protect your purse as well as the environmental impact on our energy usage. JFES will advise freely on Pros and Con’s to the various systems, from Heat Pumps, Solar Water, Solar Electro-voltaic panels.

Control Systems

The correct control system is the key to controlling the amount of money you spend on heating your home, regardless which type of system you have. JFES will guide you through the options, become compulsory under the Government new “Boiler Plus” scheme. (See guidelines chart in Blog Section).